A ‘Berry Nice’ Addition to your Winter Landscape

Winterberry Hollies

Holly Berries for Winter InterestSome of you may be wondering ‘What are the red berries that I see in the landscapes this winter’? They could be a selection of the Winterberry Holly. Bright red or intense yellow berries create a ‘pop’ of color to the otherwise drab landscape.

Holly Berries for Winter InterestGarden Crossings currently carries 6 varieties of the Winterberry Holly all of which are Proven Winners® Varieties. Each of these varieties, excluding the male Mr. Poppins™, produces loads of red or yellow berries up and down the stem. The bountiful array of berries are large in size and produce an amazing winter show. The leaves drop early to display the berries for even earlier color in the late fall early winter. Winterberry Hollies including: Berry Heavy®, Berry Nice®, Berry Heavy® Gold, Berry Poppins™, and Little Goblin™ are what make up our stunning collection of fruiting shrubs that attract songbirds and well as create stunning cut branches for indoor and outdoor floral displays. Add some interesting winter color to your garden and landscape with Ilex Winterberry Hollies.Holly Berries for Winter Interest

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