Creating a Flutter in The Landscape

This Little ‘Miss’ Has A lot to Offer

Butterfly Bushes 'Miss' seriesIf you look closely (at the white flower) you will notice one of my favorite creatures that come and visit the garden, a hummingbird! Are you looking to attract more fluttery friends to your garden this summer? Let me show you 3 of my favorite ‘Miss’es.

When I say ‘Miss’ what I am talking about is the ‘Miss’ series of butterfly bushes. Below I will introduce you to 3 of my personal favorites. Starting off I will tell you about a new for 2016 variety, ‘Miss Pearl’. Buddleia ‘Miss Pearl’ is an attractive crisp and clean white flowering butterfly bush. It is semi compact in size like all in the ‘Miss’ series reaching around 4 foot tall and wide. The fragrant flowers of ‘Miss Pearl’ are an inviting treat for the hummingbirds and butterflies in your area. Plant as a specimen or in mass and watch the fun begin.

If purple is more in your color scheme, then I recommend Buddleia ‘Miss Violet’. WOW! One of the best words to describe this garden beauty. Imagine yourself walking into a greenhouse full of this amazing plant in full bloom. It almost sends your senses into overload. The color so striking, the scent beyond amazing, the flutter of butterflies creating music to your ears. You do not need to imagine these things, they can all be yours with the addition of ‘Miss Violet’ Butterfly Bush in your garden.

Butterfly Bushes 'Miss' seriesThis trio of color would not be complete without adding the sweet and sassy ‘Miss Molly’ to the collection. Buddleia ‘Miss Molly’ is our most popular magenta butterfly bush. In the northern climates, ‘Miss Molly’ reaches around 4 foot tall while in the south it may reach up to 5 foot.

Highly fragrant, and a butterfly magnet, ‘Miss Molly’ is deer resistant and drought tolerant. Planted in full sun, Butterfly Bushes will typically bloom from midsummer until fall.

‘Miss Pearl’, ‘Miss Violet’ and ‘ Miss Molly’ are the perfect trio for welcoming sweet fragrance, eye candy and a bit of nature’s natural beauty to your garden.

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