Graceful Grass® Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’

pennisetum fireworks grassGraceful Grasses® Fireworks is one of my go to Thrillers. I love the variegated purple, pink and burgundy with a splash of white for contrast. This plant likes full sun and can go without a lot of water. I like ColorBlaze® Alligator Tears to complement the rich dark colors of “Fireworks”. Alligator Tears has beautiful green foliage with a creamy-yellow tear drop center. This plant will do well in all sun exposures. Alligator Tears needs moderate moisture, but is drought tolerant. My third splash of color comes from Supertunia Vista Fuchsia. This Petunia is a vigorous grower and will add a striking display to your combination. Vista Fuchsia will adapt well with my other choices. Supertunia Vista Fuchsia is a trailing variety and will spill over the edge of your planter. You will love the abundant display of color throughout the summer months.

As summer fades away and fall arrives, I like to switch out the summer annuals. Graceful Grasses ‘Fireworks’ will continue to be your main focus. There is nothing better than the many shades of Fall Mums. Chrysanthemum ‘Bright Gretchen” with its bright yellow color adds great contrast to the purple shades of ‘Fireworks”. Red Flowering Kale completes the new look for fall. This combination can tolerate the colder temperatures that arrive in late fall. Graceful Grasses® ‘Fireworks’ will allow you to change the look without a complete overhaul of your summer masterpiece. Check out ‘Fireworks’ and the many other Ornamental Grasses available at Garden Crossings.

The same planter that has served as my masterpiece all year will then be transformed into a winter spectacle with fresh pine boughs, red twigs from Dwarf Dogwood Artic Fire™ Cornus, dried flowers from Hardy Hydrangea “Limelight” and Holly Winterberry branches from “Berry Poppins”. You can even leave the red flowering kale from the fall combination. Together, this makes a Wow factor that will shine through the winter and last until spring.

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