It’s time to Fall In Love This Summer

Clematis ‘Sweet Summer Love’

Sweet Summer Love ClematisIf there is one Clematis vine that you have to try this year, it is ‘Sweet Summer Love’. The excitement for this vine has been building for the last 2 years, with limited supply last summer only a few were able to add this to their collection. Wait no longer, the supply is here and waiting to find a home in your garden!

Sweet Summer Love ClematisI bet you are wondering why this Clematis is so popular. Why does everyone want one for their garden? ‘Sweet Summer Love’ is much like its ‘sister’ ‘Sweet Autumn’, very prolific with just an amazing show of flowers. ‘Sweet Summer Love’ is not as aggressive as some have dreaded of ‘Sweet Autumn’. In midsummer you will start to notice the one inch blooms start to appear. They start off as a beautiful red and as the flowers age they take on a bright purple color. The flowering lasts from midsummer through early fall. As you walk past this beauty you will catch a scent of cherry vanilla drifting through the air. ‘Sweet Summer Love’ Clematis reaches 10 foot tall, and looks great on a trellis or obelisk. Take your garden color to new heights with clematis vines.

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