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Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018'

Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis)
Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018' (Clematis)
Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018'
Photo Property of Garden Crossings
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See what our great customers had to say about the Bourbon™ Clematis 'Evipo 018'

Kay V's Review
Location: Eagle, ID
Hardiness Zone: 5

I have this in a pot on a small trellis with a hydrangea. It has taken a few years to really "get going". It is perfect for a container planting and does produce very pretty flowers off and on in the spring and summer.

Customer Rating:
Tracey's Review
Location: Gorham, ME
Hardiness Zone: 5

THIS PLANT IS BEAUTIFUL!! I purchased this clematis last year and was please to have a few flowers but I am blown away with what I have this year!! I am in zone 5 and spring came early for us this year. This plant absolutely flourished and is covered in the most gorgeous flowers. They are very large and the color is spectacular. I could not be more pleased with this plant. I strongly recommend this plant... it is absolutely amazing!!! You will not be disappointed.

Customer Rating:
Dianne's Review
Location: Raleigh, NC
Hardiness Zone: 7

Wow! This plant is amazing! Last year I purchased this Clematis from Garden Crossings because the flower was so colorful in the photograph. I planted it in a large clay pot with a trellis. It didn't do much but climb up the trellis; no blooming. This isn't uncommon for a newly tranplanted perennial. I am in Zone 7b, so I left it in the container outside on my deck. It has emerged and is absolutely covered with the most breathtaking (and huge) blossoms! The color is phenominal and the healthy foliage is the icing on the cake. Talk about a WOW factor plant AND rock hardy! If you are looking for an extremely vigorous, gorgeous plant, buy this one!

Customer Rating:
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Common Name: “Clematis”

(Clematis) Bourbon™ Clematis is an exciting new compact clematis from Raymond J. Evison. Evison specifically hybridized this prized variety for patio containers. The compact growth reaches only 3-4 feet tall, which makes it a perfect fit for large patio pots. Bourbon™ is equally happy though when grown in the ground and allowed to scramble up a small trellis. The large 6 inch flowers are red with bright purple bars in the center of each petal. Flowers rebloom throughout the summer for an incredible display!

Flower Color: Purple Red
Height: 4-6 Feet     Spread: 4-6 Inches
Hardiness Zone: 4-9  
$12.99 ea.
$12.34 ea.
$11.69 ea.
$11.04 ea.

Clematis Growing Tips:

Clematis Prune Group 2 - These cultivars produce early season bloom on the previous season's growth and late season flowers on new growth. Generally, these cultivars are only pruned to shape. In the early spring (February or March), prune them lightly above the first pair of new swollen leaf buds, removing about 12 inches from each shoot. Also remove any dead or weak stems at this time.

Learn more about growing tips and caring for your Clematis Bourbon™ and other Clematis. More Info

Bourbon™ Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Exposure
  • Full Sun
  • Partial Shade
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Moist
  • Moderate
  • Cut Flower or Foliage
Nature Attraction
  • Hummingbirds
Critter Resistance
  • Deer
  • Rabbit
Season of Interest (Flowering)
  • Late Spring or Early Summer
  • Summer
  • Late Summer
Design Use
  • Container
  • Combination Containers
  • Trellis or Wall
Clematis Prune Group
  • Group 2

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