Welcome to our garden decor and accessories store. These are some of our most asked for garden accessories such as fertilizer, soil, watering help kits, and gloves. We believe that all plants need to be feed, some more than others. We offer a water soluble fertilizer for weekly feedings as well as a slow release fertilizer for monthly applications. Our Waterwise kit is a homeowners dream come true when it comes to watering. You can simply set a timer once your tubing is laid out and you have a self watering system. The gloves we sell are in our opinion a gardeners favorite! We realize that not all gardeners or plant people have the desire for dirt under the finger nails. Our garden accents and supplies are wonderful gifts for friends or family who are gardening enthusiasts.

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  • Bellingham® Wonder Grip® Nearly Naked® Nitrile Palm Glove
  • Comfort Soil Scoops
  • Proven Winners® Water Soluble Plant Food
  • Proven Winners® Water Wise Drip Irrigation System
  • i3- LIghted Hanging Basket
  • Espoma® Organic Mushroom Compost
  • Espoma® Organic Soil Acidifier - Turns Hydrangeas Blue
  • Espoma® Organic Garden Lime - Turns Hydrangeas Pink
  • Espoma® Organic Iron Tone - Yellow to Green
  • Espoma® Organic Plant Tone Plant Food
  • Espoma® Organic Houseplant Food
  • Espoma® Organic Cactus, Palm & Citrus Mix
  • Espoma Organic Insect Soap Multipurpose Insect Killer
  • Espoma® Organic Cactus & Succulent Plant Food
  • Espoma® Organic Holy Tone Evergreen Azalea Food
  • Espoma® Organic Potting Mix

    Espoma® Organic Potting Mix

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  • Espoma® Organic Bio Tone Starter Plant Food

    Espoma® Organic Bio Tone®

    $2.99$19.99 View products
  • Espoma® Organic Moisture Potting Mix
  • Jumbo Twist N Plant Auger
  • Proven Winners® Potting Soil 16 Quart
  • Proven Winners® Plant Food Time Release
  • Espoma® Organic Plant Tone Plant Food
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