Butterfly Bush - Buddleia

There’s a reason they’re called Butterfly Bushes. Buddleia, or Butterfly Bushes are an absolute favorite food plant for adult butterflies. Plant these shrubs in the garden and you are guaranteed to see winged wonders flitting around. Garden Crossings has pink, purple and white-flowered butterfly bushes, and Butterfly Bushes with multi-colored flowers. Some Buddleia types grow larger and have a more sprawling growth habit than others. If you want the look, but not the size, try one of the dwarf or compact butterfly bushes.
Butterfly Bushes grow best in full sun and in soil that is moderately moist to dry. They are deer-resistant and will bloom all summer and into fall. Plant Buddleia near a window, deck, or patio so you can enjoy all of the bird and butterfly visitors it will bring.

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