The New ‘gold’ Standard- Gold Nugget™ Chick Charms®

sempervivam-hen-and-chick-chick-charms-gold-nuggetMy new favorite Chick Charms® is Chick Charm® Golden Nugget™. This tiny beauty has found a home in my perennial rock garden. I have had so much fun watching the color change as the winter weather arrived in Michigan. When I purchased this Chick Charm® from Garden Crossings this summer it was a bright green color with red picoted tips. Now it is a beautiful golden color with red tips. The baby “chicks”, will begin to sprout when the weather breaks.

This makes a great addition to Chick Charms® Cherry Berry™ (rich red), Chick Charms® Chocolate Kiss™ (deep burgundy brown) and Chick Charms® Appletini™ (green leaves with burgundy tips). These drought tolerant perennials grow well in full sun to light shade. The more sun the brighter the colors. As the plant matures, the “chicks” grow from the main rosette. In this way, the “hen” plant sends shoots “chicks” to fill in your whole garden area. The “chicks” can also be cut and moved to a new location in your garden. Chick Charms® are easy to grow and fun to watch as they mature and send off the tiny “chicks”.

Looking ahead to 2017, there is a new Chick Charms® on the horizon. I can hardly wait. This new variety is Chick Charm® Plum Parfait™. As with the other Chick Charms®, this plant is drought tolerant and grows well in full sun to part shade. Plum Parfait™ has a unique plum foliage.

I have my Chick Charms® in a perennial rock garden, but they are great for patios planters or inside your home or office in a bright location. Now is the time to get your flock growing with the many options that are available at Garden Crossings. These small beauties make for years of enjoyment. They are perfect for large or small areas and make great gifts for home or office.

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