What’s New at Garden Crossings?

There is never a dull moment here at Garden Crossings! We work year-round to improve and expand our business, search for new plants and products we think our customers will love, and assemble a five star team of people to make it all happen. Here are a few highlights of what’s new this season.


Lots and Lots of New Plants

188 to be exact! We are thrilled to bring 188 new varieties of annuals, mixed annual combinations, perennials, roses, shrubs, vegetables and houseplants to you for the 2022 season. Find them all right here.

Looking for a good place to start when it comes to new plants? To make shopping easy, we publish a list of our top 10 favorite new plants every spring. There, you will find a brand new Supertunia Vista® petunia color, a dramatic Summerific® hibiscus, colorful ColorBlaze® coleus and more fantastic finds.

Pictured above is Rise Up Lilac Days™, one of three brand new climbing roses from Proven Winners we are offering this year. Customers have been asking us for climbing roses forever, so we are super excited to offer these long blooming, disease resistant varieties that are making their worldwide debut this spring.

Monstera Expilata Obliqua

New Leafjoy™ Houseplants

Proven Winners is debuting a new line of trendsetting leafjoy houseplants this year, and we have them! Shipping will begin in late April on potted Monstera, Ficus, Alocasia and other popular tropicals. We have been impressed with the top quality of the plants we have received and can’t wait to share them with you. See them all here.

In addition to potted houseplants, we will be offering the new leafjoy hydroponic H2O Bowls and Minis seen in this unboxing video. These are the ultimate low-maintenance plants. They grow almost anywhere—on a windowsill, bathroom sink, nightstand, or kitchen counter—and all that is needed is a quick switch out of the water once every few weeks.

Espoma Products

New Product Debuts for 2022

In addition to all of our fun new plants, we’ve added some useful new products, too. We now offer the full line of Espoma® natural and organic soils, soil amendments, fertilizers, pest and weed control products for your indoor and outdoor gardening needs. These are all in addition to the Proven Winners water soluble fertilizer we recommend for all of your flowering annuals. If deer, rabbits, voles or other critters are making a meal of your garden, our new Bobbex® repellents will help you take back your garden.

nephrolepis Kimberly queen fern

Our new Weekender® self-watering hanging basket is ideal for anyone growing baskets in sunny or windy locations, and for people who don’t want to have to water every day to keep their flowers happy. We love using them for our jellyfish baskets that typically line the front of our west-facing garden center. The sun and wind can be harsh in that spot, and these self-watering containers allow us to grow SunPatiens®, ferns and other plants there that need consistent moisture.


We are also stocking up our retail garden center with a broad selection of ceramic pottery including the popular self-watering AquaPots®, plus all different shapes, sizes and styles of modern and classic containers. Stop by our Zeeland, Michigan store this spring to pick up a new container for your new plants.

Garden Center Renovations and New Greenhouses

When we purchased our greenhouse 18 years ago, the goal was to have more space to produce plants for our mail order business. But after many knocks on our door from locals who wanted to buy flowers, it quickly became obvious that we needed to open a retail store. (Learn more about our story here.)

Garden Crossings Garden Center

Over the years, we have continually improved the inside of our garden center and added on to our greenhouses so we could meet our customers’ needs. New this year, we’ve put a modern new “face” on our store and did away with the farmstand look. When you visit, you’ll see our garden center now has a sleeker white and black motif with huge windows to let the light inside.

We also built four more greenhouses this winter—188 new varieties of plants take up a lot of space! If you’ve ever wondered how a greenhouse is built from the ground up, you’ll enjoy this video. Along with the new greenhouses comes a new outdoor checkout station in our covered outdoor plant sales area. Rain or shine, we’ll be happy to see you here at Garden Crossings this season!

Friendly Faces at Garden Crossings

Last but certainly not least, we could not bring you all of these exciting new things without our incredible crew who makes the magic happen. Some of our newer staff or those in new positions include:

Ben - Grower

Ben – Our full time team grower who is in charge of making sure the plants you receive are of the best quality possible. Ben carefully manages the growing process, watering schedules and oversees plant health.

Alyssa – Our assistant grower is Ben’s teammate Alyssa who works on watering plants plus managing plant health and natural biological pest control measures.

Alyssa - Assistant Grower
Jen - Inventory Manager

Jen – As inventory manager, Jen keeps track of all of our plants so that we know exactly how many we have to offer you in our online store and retail garden center. She manages our planting schedules and makes sure everything stays on track to be ready to ship on time.

Dawn – You’ll see Dawn’s friendly face when you visit our retail garden center here in Zeeland, Michigan this season. She manages our store and its staff, orders all of our beautiful pottery and other hard goods, and enjoys helping customers pick out just the right plants for their gardens.

Dawn - Garden Center Manager

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  1. Received my shipment today and as always, the plants were healthy and beautiful. Even through the past years of covid, you have supplied beautiful flowers. Thanks to all.

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