What’s that Scent? Bloomerang® Lilacs!

lilac bloomerang pink perfumeI love to add a new “Friend” to my butterfly garden each year. Sometimes it may be two or three. This year I added Bloomerang® ‘Pink Perfume’ Lilac. I heard that the blooms were so fragrant that I had to give it a try. Bloomerang® ‘Pink Perfume’ Lilac did not disappoint. This shrub is so compact in size, 4-5 feet, but really performs like the big guys. ‘Pink Perfume’ begins blooming in May with an abundance of gorgeous pink blooms. By mid-June the first round of flowers begin to fade. At this time you may trim the spent blooms. This will encourage more abundant flowers as it reblooms in late-July. ‘Pink Perfume’ will continue blooming through the summer. The lilac bush also makes for a great hedge or boarder for you garden. For those of you that love the wildlife, all the Syringa Bloomerang® series are Deer resistant.

There are two other lilacs in this series that you might enjoy. Bloomerang® ‘Purple’, was the first to arrive in this series of reblooming lilacs. It too has the fragrant blooms that you can enjoy all summer and is a compact size. Bloomerang® ‘Dark Purple’ is a little larger than the other two and has more of a cluster of dark purple blooms. ‘Dark Purple’ will continue to bloom until the frost arrives in the fall.

I have Bloomerang® ‘Purple’ and Bloomerang® ‘Dark Purple’ in my garden, so adding the new Bloomerang® ‘Pink Perfume’ was an easy choice. You can find all of these wonderful Lilacs at Garden Crossings.

I like to leave most of the flowers in the garden for the birds and butterflies to enjoy, but this one I cut and brought in the house. It is so fragrant, my whole house smell like the outside garden. I can see why the birds and butterflies love this one. This is a must have plant for your garden, and bring a few cuttings inside for you to enjoy.

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