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Mini Vista supertunia bed
Annual Flowers

Which Supertunia Is the Best Fit for Me?

With so many amazing flowers to choose from, including dozens of vibrant Supertunias, how do you decide which ones are best for you? Supertunias are all petunias but they vary quite a bit in size and habit. Their names hold a clue as to how they grow. Let’s take a closer look at all the

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Five Ways to Use Supertunia Vista® Petunias in Your Landscape

Supertunia VistaLooking to add a vibrant splash of color to your landscape in a flash? You can’t go wrong with Supertunia Vista petunias. There’s a reason we use them in our own gardens every year and they are always top sellers: they create awesome impact with little effort. Let’s look at five ways you can use them in your own landscape this season.

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A Charming New Annual for 2016

Enjoy the Charm of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm

SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak CharmNothing is more welcoming than the beauty of a vibrant sunrise at daybreak. Take that beauty to the garden with the vibrant color of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm Petunia. This Charm series of SupertuniaⓇ displays colors as vibrant as the sunrise, The bright pink flowers with a sunshine yellow center that is separated by a thin white margin. A refreshing mix of color to add to your garden, plant by itself, or in a combination container or hanging basket of your choice. This new 2016 annual is a favorite of mine

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What’s So Super About Supertunias

Look no Further Than Supertunia®


You may be asking what is so super about Supertunias®? Why does Garden Crossings make such a big deal out of them? We really do think they are super and we stand behind that statement by planting hundreds of them in our very own landscape, both at the Garden Center/Greenhouse and at our home, every year!
What is a Supertunia®? A Supertunia® is a petunia that has been breed and tested for excellence in performance, flower power, and overall habit by the folks at Proven Winners®. Petunia Supertunia® is marketed by Proven Winners® and has been proven to perform well all over the county. These plants are an excellent choice for use in ground plantings, hanging baskets and in combination planters. Supertunias® have a trailing habit with the exception of the Vista® series, theirs is a mounding habit.

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