(2 customer reviews)
  • Quick Rebloomer
  • Cut Flowers
  • Star-like Lace Flower Heads
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(2 customer reviews)
  • Quick Rebloomer
  • Cut Flowers
  • Star-like Lace Flower Heads


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(Reblooming Hydrangea serrata) There’s no dancing around the fact that Hydrangea Let’s Dance Can Do® will soon be a favorite lace-cap Hydrangea among gardeners. When you look at this Hydrangea you see the magnificent blooms, large lace cap flower heads that are loaded with large bubblegum pink ( or lavender-blue) florets that create a full flower look. Let’s Dance Can Do® is a giver with its unique ability to line the stems from top to bottom with buds that in turn will create a covering of flowers. The fastest reblooming hydrangea that we offer, Let’s Dance Can Do® will start off early and rebloom again mid-summer giving you color through the season. Standing 3-4 feet tall and spreading up to 36 inches wide, we recommend planting in full sun to part shade locations with moderate to moist soil conditions. Hardy in zones 5-9, Let’s Dance Can Do® is a great specimen plant as well as used for borders and in planters. We do not recommend trimming your reblooming hydrangea as it will affect the blooms. If you feel you need to trim it back. We recommend doing so in the fall which will sacrifice your first round of blooms. The default color of Bigleaf Hydrangeas is pink but can be turned lavender blue with aluminum and acidic soil. Hydrangea Let’s Dance Can Do® is a PROVEN WINNERS® COLORCHOICE® Flowering Shrub.

LET’S DANCE CAN DO® Hydrangea serrata SMNHSI’ PPAF
Common Name: Hydrangea – Mountain
Plant Type: Shrub
Hardiness Zone: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9What is my zone?
Max Height: 3 – 4 Feet
Max Spread: – 3 Feet
Exposure: Full Sun (+6 hrs.), Part Shade (4-6 hrs.)
Blooms On: Last Year’s Growth, This Year’s Growth
Flower Color: Mixed Shades, Pink Shades, Purple Shades
Soil Moisture Needs: Moderate, Moist
Attributes: Compact Shrub, Cut Flower or Foliage, Deciduous, Dried Flower, Reblooming Shrub
Design Use: Border, Combination Containers, Container, Massing, Specimen
Growth Habit: Mounding
Season of Interest (Flowering): Summer
Season of Interest (Foliage): Fall
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2 reviews for LET’S DANCE CAN DO® Hydrangea

  1. Jill A

    Just received my jumbo sized plant. Gorgeous and in full bloom-in the mail! Great job growing, packaging and shipping this beauty. Can’t wait to get it in my landscape.

  2. Bernadette S

    Very pleased with these plants. They were packed very good. I put my quart pot into a gallon pot for now. I plan to keep them in pots for now. That way I can move them if they need more sun. Right now they get early sunlight in the morning and bright light the rest of day.

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