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5 Ways to Help Pollinators Love Your Garden

bee on asterWe’ve all heard the alarming statistics. We rely on pollinators for every third bite of food we eat. At least 75% of all the world’s flowering plants are pollinated by insects and animals. It can be overwhelming! Let’s bring that down that to a local level. What can YOU do in your own backyard to help pollinators feel welcome and wanted? Let’s focus on five things you can do right now, this season, to make an impact.

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Butterfly bush companion plants - Echinacea Canary Feathers and Buddleia Pugster Amethyst plant pairings
Flowering Shrubs

8 Hardy Plant Pairings for Landscapes

Some plants are just better together—a concept that has given rise to the idea of companion planting. If you grow vegetables, you may be familiar with this term. There, companion planting is more about one plant attracting or deterring insects from the other or about plants creating physical support for one another. When it comes

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8 Plants for pollinators: Heptacodium Temple of Bloom white flower_Spring Meadow Nursery
Flowering Shrubs

8 Plants Pollinators Are Loving Right Now

It’s late August in Michigan and as I am sitting here looking out my window into my garden, I’m seeing an incredible number of bees whizzing by while a beautiful yellow Eastern swallowtail butterfly hangs upside down to feed on my six-foot tall ‘Uchida’ lilies. I am blessed to welcome so many pollinators into my

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REMINISCENT™ Crema Rosa - Shrub
Annual Flowers

20 of Our Best Fragrant Plants for Your Garden

When designing your garden, it’s important to consider elements like color, texture and shape, but don’t forget fragrance too. The sweet perfume of fragrant plants will enhance the way you experience your garden by engaging more of your senses, evoking memories tied to certain scents, and causing you to interact with your flowers more closely.

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Gardening for Pollinators

From the time we are little children, we are fascinated with pollinators—the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other small creatures that 85% of the world’s flowering plants need to reproduce and produce seeds or fruit. They really are an essential part of a healthy environment. Did you know that one out of every three bites of

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Simple Rain Garden DIY Project

If one of your goals is to garden more sustainably, consider incorporating a DIY rain garden into your landscape. These gardens can look a lot like a perennial garden to help them blend in well with your other garden beds, but they serve a unique ecological purpose. The primary function of a rain garden is

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