Eye-Catching Hydrangeas

Common Name(s): Big Leaf Hydrangea, Hardy Hydrangea

Hydrangea bushes create an instant “cottage garden” feel wherever they’re planted. With big blooms in shades of pink, blue, purple, and white, hydrangeas create a calming and cooling effect in the garden. There are different “types” of hydrangeas. Bracted type hydrangeas have “flat” flowers with large outer petals. They bloom on new growth, so they bloom reliably year after year. Oak Leaf Hydrangeas have big cone-shaped flowers and large leaves that look like oak leaves. They have shredding bark that provides winter interest. Hardy Hydrangeas have pom-pom type flowers in a variety of colors. Garden Crossings also offers bigleaf and smooth hydrangeas in a variety of colors.

Hydrangeas all grow best in part to full shade. They’ll need more water if grown in partial shade, or if they get afternoon sun. They also require extra water during dry summers. Hydrangeas are worth a little extra work, though. Their big flower clusters are unmatched in the garden.

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