Rose Mallow - Hardy Hibiscus

Impressive, showy and grand are just a few words that describe the Rose Mallow or ‘Hardy Hibiscus’ plant. The Rose Mallow produces some of the largest flowers of any perennial, growing 6-9″ across depending on variety! The foliage of the hardy Hibiscus does not break through the soil until late May or early June, so give them a chance before you dig them up thinking they have died! The large, beautiful blooms unfurl mid-late summer through fall and grow on shrub-like plants anywhere from 2-5′ high and up to 4-6′ wide depending on variety planted. Coming in an array of colors including white, pink, red and many bi-colors in between, the Rose Mallow will impress in any perennial bed, as a specimen plant, or along the edge of a pond or stream.
Growing best in average, medium to moist soil, the Rose Mallow does its best flowering in full sun but is tolerant of partial shade as well. A true stand-out addition to any garden.

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