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Long Blooming Perennial with Increased Hardiness

Hyssop- Agastache

Agastache Kudos CoralA great perennial has just gotten better! Agastache have long been known for their long bloom time from early Summer through the fall, but for many they would only last for one season. Agastache have just gotten better for more climates, hardy down to zone 5. New for 2014, I would like to introduce to you the Kudos™ series of Agastache.

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May: Gardening Activities

The Lupine Blooms Bring the Seasons First Butterflies and HummingbirdsThere may be no better days in the garden than those in May. It’s alive with color and verdant with fresh spring shades of foliage. The sweltering days of summer have yet to arrive, so most activities in the May garden are pure pleasure.

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Do It Yourself Butterfly Feeders…

For The Crafty Gardener!

Do it Yourself Butterfly FeederDo you consider yourself crafty? Do you like little garden accessories in your flower beds? I sure do! Recently we held a Pinterest Party in which we made Butterfly feeders for our garden and landscapes. If you are even just a little bit crafty, this project is for you.

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Beautiful Baskets After Dark

Lighted Hanging Baskets

Lighted hanging BasketsHave you ever considered enjoying the beauty of your hanging baskets once it gets dark? Are you the type of person who forgets to water? If either of these sound like you, I want have just the solution! I would like to introduce to you the “i3 Planters”, to light up your night life and take the pain out of watering!

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What’s In Store For You

A Sampling from our Garden Center

Garden Crossings Garden CenterGarden Crossings Garden Center is Now Open! Come and visit the lakeshores leader for New and Unique Perennials, Annuals, & Shrubs! Garden Crossings is a Proven Winners Certified Garden Center.

When shopping at Garden Crossings you can expect to receive the personal help Big Box Stores and Mega Garden Centers can not offer. We take pride in our staff and their ability to help you plan, plant & Enjoy! Did you know we have a potting area where you can take your own planters, or buy one of ours, and plant them up with our plants and dirt? We are here to help you select your plants or you can do it on your own. The beauty is, all the things you need are right at your finger tips, plus you can leave the mess with us.

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Fun Foliage for the Garden

Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera

Fun Foliage for The GardenI often find myself looking for plants that will give me unique foliage color in multiple seasons. On a recent garden tour at Walters Gardens Inc. I found this handsome duo consisting of Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera and an old time perennial favorite, Sedum ‘Angelina’.

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Simple Space Saving Solutions-

Compact Flowering Shrubs

When space is limited we recommend compact plants. That being said compact space can be a little different for those who live in the big city who may be lucky to have a 10×10 garden or those who live in an urban area with a slightly bigger back yard. I am going to concentrate on shrubs that have been breed to take less than 3 foot of space, where in the past may have reached heights and widths of 5-8 foot.

For many urban gardeners the thought of shrubs is just not even a thought, shrubs just get way to big! In the past that may have been true, but now there are several ‘old’ shrubs that have been breed to have compact/dwarf habits. Again I will remind you “You don’t have to give up your dreams, you can just shrink them.”

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April: Gardening Activities

Primroses can handle Early Spring's Fickle WeatherThis begins the season we’ve all been waiting for. Though we started some gardening activities last month, April will be the one that helps you sleep well every night. The fresh spring air and all that great exercise in the garden do a body good!

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It’s Spring, Let the Online Shipping Begin

The Spring Shipping Season Starts Next Week

Spring Shipping Starts SoonMany have been asking ” When does Garden Crossings start shipping in the Spring?”, the answer is real soon!

Actually, we ship our plants based on the recommended frost free date for your zone. We want to make sure that your plants arrive when it is safe to plant them in your area (based on the zone/zip code info we recieve from the USDA). That being said, we will start shipping zone 10 this coming week. Here is a complete schedule of when your zone should ship. We do offer you the option to select your ship week at check out but please be aware, if it is outside the recommended week, your plants will not be covered under our guarantee. View Shipping Schedule here

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Bring on The Blue

Let’s Dance® Blue Jangles Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea Let's Dance Blue Jangles

If I could have a dollar for every time I hear “I want blue Hydrangeas in my yard”, my wallet would be full. The most sought after hydrangea color is indeed blue. Did you know that most Big Leaf Hydrangeas are naturally pink? That probably is why we would rather have blue. You always want what you can’t have, that is until now!

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Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Containers

Funky & Fun- FOREST™ Pink Gomphrena

FOREST™ Pink GomphrenaI am always on the lookout for plants and flowers that add an element of ‘fun’ to my landscape and containers. I think that FOREST™ Pink Gomphrena is just what I needed.

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March: Gardening Activities

Hellebores have stunning blooms that appear in late winter and early spring.Outside activity picks up in March as the garden awakens from its long winter nap. Spring bulbs are beginning to bloom – snowdrops, crocus, chionodoxa, and others – and leaf buds are swelling and beginning to open on shrubs and trees.

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